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    Mark Guest

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    I wonder if someone could help me.<BR>I have good knowledge of HTML , javascript, coldfusion. I know a little visual basic for access stuff. At this point with coming out where would be the best place for me to begin learning<BR>about ASP. Should I bother learning ASP 3.0 or gravitate to learning visual basic or c# or start somewhere else. I have had trouble finding any introductory books on aimed at beginers. Thanks Markyy

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    Jillu Guest

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    Garter predicts it will be one full year for organizations to consider dot net deployment.<BR>It’d be wise to start learning ASP 3 now.<BR>VB script is not dreadful too, so start with SAMS Teach yourself ASP 3 by Scott; I have also found professional ASP 3 by Wrox Press very helpful for an intermediate programmer.<BR>Good luck,<BR>Jillu.<BR><BR>

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