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    Default CDONTS AttachFile Method

    When you use the CDONTS AttachFile method, does the file you are attaching have to be on the server or can a user (client) do somthing like click a &#039;browse&#039; button and pick a file from his/her machine and then have that attached to an e-mail message? I have tried so many different ways to do this, but it seems to never work. I always get an unspecified error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>~Chad

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    I really am not sure never tried it but I have found this link to be a good resource. Hope it helps.<BR><BR> +example&S=F&A=T&DU=C&FR=0&D=support&LPR=&LNG=ENG& highlights&CAT=Support&VRL=ENG&SA=GN&Go.x=28&Go.y= 19

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    Default on the server

    but you could allow the user to upload a file to the server,<BR>and in turn, attach that file in the same little session <BR>thingy.<BR><BR>anything&#039;s possible, eh?<BR><BR>as for your error, let&#039;s see some code.

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    Default You dont need to tell the user

    that you are uploading the file to the web server, though in order to use the "AttachFile" method, the file has to be on the web server.

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