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Thread: Inserting Code Into An Access Database

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    DNF Guest

    Default Inserting Code Into An Access Database

    I have some directions on how to do web tracking through the use of ASP. It says to put code into the Access Database and I don't know where to insert it.

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    James W. Guest

    Default You need to be a little more descriptive

    You want to do &#039;web tracking&#039; through ASP and store the tracking in an Access Db. What do you want to store? IP, browser type, OS, number of hits per page, unique users, what?<BR>You don&#039;t know where to &#039;insert it&#039;? Make a table to meet your needs and insert it as necessary. <BR>What, exactly, are you trying to do?

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    DNF Guest

    Default RE: You need to be a little more descriptive

    Sorry the code is at <BR>and the part I&#039;m having trouble with is there it starts "Then, grab the server variables and insert them into our tracking table:"<BR><BR>Thanks

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    James W. Guest

    Default Ok

    Ok, so you have the vars and need to save them. The code they supply is pretty straightforward. Do you have a db & know how to connect to it? If not, there are a lot of articles here & FAQ that will help you.

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    DNF Guest

    Default I'm Not Following

    I have created the database, but do I have to connect it to something or do I put that code straight in to the database?

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    James W. Guest

    Default Umm....

    You&#039;ve created the db as the article instructs, good.<BR>That code is what you use to insert the tracking values into the database. You need to connect to the db to do this.

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    Default To answer the other half of your question....

    No, you do not put this code in the database...It goes on the page, and will insert the variables into your database.

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    DNF Guest

    Default New Problem

    I&#039;m on a Unix Server, do I have to be on a NT Server to use ASP?

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    Default NT....Or Unix...

    With Chilisoft.<BR>Otherwise I&#039;m afraid that you are out of luck.<BR>

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    James W. Guest

    Default no but..

    ASP is native to NT but on Unix you have to install Chilisoft ASP.

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