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    I have a menu bar. When ever I take MouseOver a menu Option A sub Menu pops Up. I want this submenu to popup in a different frame. How do I do that

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    first off, give your frames NAMES<BR><BR>thus if you have a left and right frame (two different pages, ie, two SRC&#039;s) name them like so, name=left etc etc<BR><BR>then in your &#060;a href=""&#062; command where you mouseover insert target=left (or whatever the frame&#039;s name is) to WHERE it should open.<BR><BR>hope it helps

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    Default It's a bit more complex than that...

    He wants the submenu to appear in a new menu.<BR><BR>This is more complex because it involves changing the JavaScript involved with firing this event, and also the placement of the JavaScript or JavaScript file in the two framesets.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, this isn&#039;t a JavaScript forum, so please don&#039;t paste your code onto here. Go and try and learn something about JavaScript. I used HTMLGoodies as a starting block, but it is only that - a STARTING BLOCK. Nothing can replace a good book (O&#039;Reillys).<BR><BR>Craig.

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