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    I have a PDF forms system within a HTML application on a client&#039;s intranet which uses asp code to process the entered data, return a polite "success" message to the client and email the completed PDF form to the email address supplied. Currently the asp code is very exposed, and even though the system sits in a secure folder, I am not happy with the way someone could easily recreate the system themselves.<BR>Granted, this system is not rocket science, but I would like to know the best way to lock my code away from prying eyes. Can I just create a dynamic link library containing the code and reference it from the asp page or is there a better way?<BR><BR>Ta

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    Your best way is to convert all of your code into a DLL which can sit on the server, and just reference it.<BR><BR>Of course, people could just steal the DLL :)<BR><BR>You could make the DLL interact with the system, or create a custom DLL specifically for that system by using a registry setting or something. I don&#039;t know, I guess it depends exactly how "secure" you&#039;re looking at...<BR><BR>Craig.

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