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    I saw a tutorial which shows you how to display active users using your global.asa file etc. I also know the server variable which will detect the Remote user&#039;s IP address.<BR><BR>What I want to do (on our internal network) is to have an "active users" show up on our intranet and then when you click on it it will take you to a page which will say who is who, now it&#039;s easy because we are a small company and I can hardcode all the IP addresses to match the people&#039;s names, but how would I display that 3 users are on the site AND all 3&#039;s details?<BR><BR>Any ideaS?

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    heck this article out:<BR><BR><BR><BR>This uses a recordset to hold user details so a little overhead due to using recordset, could accomplish same thing with an array. However recordset much easier to delete users when they leave etc.

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