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    I am currently assigned on external project for ctpi in Cheltenham, For there system they want a bulletin board created.<BR>From a home page they want a page that:-<BR>.contains news items to be displayed<BR>.board notes.<BR>.telephone numbers and project teams<BR>.outlines of projects<BR>with links to critical documents. <BR>How would I go about doing this, I just want a start soI can get on with something thanks.

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    Phew...<BR><BR>Umm... Do you have any experience with ASP? This seems like quite a large project, almost definately involving some features such as database-connectivity and maybe some file access...<BR><BR>It&#039;s very hard to help you with the information given, basically because this project seems like a quite large one, and I personally would need to see the full brief (don&#039;t post it here!).<BR><BR>If you haven&#039;t got that much ASP experience, I suggest thinking about outsourcing the project, or parts of it. This is quite advanced, and it may be less hassle to get someone else to handle sections...<BR><BR>Craig.<BR><BR>P.s. Brief overview:<BR>1) News items: Pull either from a database, or semi-dynamic text file. Will allow easy updating.<BR>2) Board notes: What do you mean? Minutes of board meetings, or board posts? Web-boards can be handled by several external programs, such as WebBoard or various ASP-based programs.<BR>3) Telephone numbers: Pull from a database<BR>4) Outlines of projects: I would use a combination of database and static documents to create this<BR><BR>You&#039;re talking about many calls to a database over the course of just the home page. Personally I would also try and get some code in place to allow a semi-dynamic front page. I.e. the front page stays as generated static HTML most of the time, but you have the management facilities to automatically update the page when/if any of the information changes.<BR><BR>That would make it more efficient.<BR><BR>As I said, you really need to sit down with a decent ASP developer - this is big-bucks work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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