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    hi,<BR>i was curiose to know if in a stored procedure. I need to add a record and then find out its ID, if i do it in 2 sql statements ( the code to do it in 1 would be much appreciated ) eg:<BR><BR>insert into ..... ;<BR>select top 1 id from table order by id desc<BR><BR>does the stored procedure between the AS and the GO statements<BR>lock the database so that no one can insert into that particular table and screw up the select so that it gets the wrong record.<BR><BR>P:S i am not calling the stored procedure from asp.

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    This method will cause problems if multiple inserts (by multiple users) are done at the same time (IOW, no, the table does not stay locked between the two statements).<BR><BR>I assume the id column is defined as an identity? If that is the case, you can do a "SELECT @@IDENTITY" right after the INSERT statement, which should give you the identity of the last INSERT on the current connection. To be absolutely sure I always wrap statement pairs like this in a transaction, but theoretically that would not be necessairy.<BR><BR>Jeremy<BR>

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