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    I would like to disable a page and an image from saving, no matter it is clicking the file menu to save, or right clicking to save, or pressing crtl+s to save.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>Denise

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    float another, transparent, image over it with CSS-p - then if they right click, they&#039;ll get the transparent gif.<BR><BR>there&#039;s always a way of getting them though..<BR><BR>j

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    Sorry but this cannot be done. When u connect to a page, the page is copied & placed in Temp. Internet Files by Internet Explorer, which then displays this page. You can just drag the HTML file into notepad etc. from Temp files to view the source code. The only way you could prevent people from copying you code is to:<BR>1) Make your own web browser with no save functions<BR>2) Send the page in an encrypted form<BR>3) Get your browser to decrypt it and display it.<BR><BR> This is obviously pointless as 99.9 % of your users won&#039;t be able to access the page without downloading your browser, which they won&#039;t do because they are totally fed up.<BR><BR>The net is a free place remember?<BR>

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