Has anyone encountered this problem with AspTear: <BR>For example, if I:<BR> <BR>1. Have the component take one.asp and write one.htm<BR>2. Delete one.htm, make a change to one.asp<BR>3. Have the component take one.asp and write one.htm<BR> <BR>one.htm will be the original version without the change, even though I deleted the file. This also happens if I don&#039;t delete one.htm and just try to write over it with a changed one.asp file. I have even tried using FSO to first delete the file and then recreate it. It would appear to be caching but where?<BR><BR>Secondly, does anyone know how to loop the component so I could submit an array of pages to grab and create html pages, such as<BR><BR>asp[0] = "index.asp"<BR>asp[1] = "info.asp"<BR>asp[2] = "this.asp"<BR><BR>and then iterate through and convert to html? The code just seems to hang when I write a simple looping structure?<BR><BR>Thanks.