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    Is there a limitation to the number of global.asa files a web site can have? For example, I have site called running under IIS. <BR>Within I have directory A, that contains a web application and it&#039s own global.asa. Then in another Directory, B ,I have a web application and its global.asa. Is this ok? If it is ,How does IIS/ASP differenciate one web application from launching directory?

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    Lina Verma Guest

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    YOu can have only one Global.asa file that resides in the root directory of your website.

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    Kautuk Guest

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    You can have as many global.asa files as ypu like provided they are in different directories. An ASP page will corrospond to the global.asa file in the same directory as the asp page itself. I mean if you have page1.asp in directory dir1 , it will corrospond to global.asa in the dir1 directory.

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    simASP man Guest

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    IIS will stop looking for further Global.asa files after the highest level that it finds the first one. For example, if I have a Global.asa in the root directory, it will not locate any further globals (IIS will stop looking for them below this level and will simply ignore them). However, it is acceptable to have multiple global.asa files within multiple directories, so long as they are on the same directory level and so long as there is not a global.asa in a higher directory level than they are in.

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