Hello all...<BR>Working on my current app, and I find that I must now display up to 121 different checkboxes onscreen, but only if they&#039;re TRUE.<BR><BR>That is the various options of any vehicle (all boxes are uniquely named BTW) can be simply &#039;checked&#039; on a BOOKIN page, that writes the correct YES/NO values to the dbase (Access BTW) just fine.<BR><BR>But to show each of them, I find that I must test to see if the checkbox is TRUE (meaning it was checked at bookin time) or not.<BR><BR>The only way I can (so far)figure to do that is this way...<BR><BR>If rs.Fields("PowerBrakes") = TRUE then<BR> Response.Write("&nbsp;• Power Brakes")<BR>end if<BR><BR>Does anyone have an easier method to do this, or do I have to write out 121 of these? <BR><BR>Also, this *really* clutters up my page, can I use an INCLUDE here, and if so, how?<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>