I have also posted this on the ASP Q&A but have not been answered so far.<BR><BR>The project I&#039;m working on is a six frame application opened in a ShowModal Dialog designed to be run on IE 5 and above (no I did not design the six frame ShowModal Dialog environment). The customer wants the option for the user to change one specific piece of data that is being pulled on a specific page, so I am opening a new ShowModal Dialog with a text box on it over that page. When they enter a new number into the text box and press "process", a JavaScript function submits the form and closes the top ShowModal. The action of the form is set to a processing page which does the update of the database. I need for this processing page to close automatically as well, however because I did not open it with a script (it is opened by the action of the form upon submit), it always wants the user to verify that it is okay to close the window - an IE behavior. Also, because I did not open this with a script the query string is exposed at the top. That is not okay for the end user to see, plus I really can&#039;t have them knowing that page exists at all. Any advice? And no I can&#039;t really just change the whole process - it&#039;s customer requested. Thanks!!