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Thread: Xander Please help with PWS w/ME

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    JDknyte Guest

    Default Xander Please help with PWS w/ME

    Xander, <BR>I&#039;ve read your &#039;article&#039; on getting PWS to work on ME and I&#039;ve followed it to the letter, but I&#039;m still having problems. I know it&#039;s me, but I don&#039;t know what the hell I&#039;m doing wrong.<BR><BR>All I have is ME, brand new machine, and an ME disk.<BR>I&#039;ve followed the instructions in your article and I&#039;ve gone to the pages you pointed out. <BR>Problem is..When I try to do a custom install from my temp directory, (which is filled with files from the &#039;download.exe&#039; file) I get an error message (many of them actually) that say file &#039;x&#039; on MTS CD-Rom is needed, type path.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t have an MTS CD_Rom and the path I type in is the temp directory that I thought held all the necessary files.<BR><BR>Can you tell me what I&#039;m doing wrong or what else I need to do?<BR>I&#039;ve grabbed your article about two weeks ago and I have tried and tried to make this work without having to call on anymore of your help, but now I can&#039;t do it anymore. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help you can give,<BR>JD Knyte

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    Default Not Xander but

    That error is normal. It should function just fine if you ignore the error.

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    Default I have to agree with Doug....

    That the error is not going to cause you any problems...*however* if it really is bothering you, there may be some steps you can take to avoid it.<BR><BR>1) Un-install PWS<BR>2) Delete everything in the temp directory (This alone will solve various installion problems with many different pieces of software)<BR>3) Follow the instructions that I put up for PWS installation<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/iispws.asp?M=216096&P=1&F=30<BR>here is the link again, in case you need it<BR>4) If you get the error again, do a find for the file that it is asking for...I suspect that you are correct, and will locate it in the temp directory...<BR>5) Where it asks for the CD, there should be a choice to "browse" or "choose" where the file is located...direct it to the temp directory (or wherever the file is located if it is somewhere else)<BR><BR>This should take care of it. Let me know if it doesn&#039;t.

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    JDknyte Guest

    Default But then there's more errors.

    And when everything is said and done, I get one more message box that states that MTS installation is unsucessful<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    JDknyte Guest

    Default Alright, I'll give it a shot

    I&#039;ll let you know how it goes.<BR><BR>And thanks for the quick response.

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