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    There is a graphic on server 2 called file2.gif that is accessible via a web browser at URL I want an ASP on server 2 located at to retrieve and then save the image into a directory local to server 1. <BR><BR>If the file was an html, this would be easy because I can use a component to "tear" the page from and then save the returned html code (tearing returns the page as a string) under a filename of my choice. However, I can&#039;t get it to work with a graphic. <BR><BR>The act of saving files work just fine. The problem is in that retrieval of the file and keeping the file intact as an image. When I retrieve the file, I don&#039;t get the original bytestream of the image.<BR><BR>Anyone have any suggestions? I prefer it if this does not use third-party components but any suggestions that requires third-party components are equally appreciated. <BR><BR>Regards and thanks in advance! <BR><BR>P.S. I posted the same question on a few weeks ago but got no responses. My post to at the same time produced much-appreciated responses but nothing conclusive ( ) and I was not the only one with the same problem.<BR><BR>P.P.S. If you&#039;re curious, I&#039;m just trying to create a script to copy files from one server to another so as to keep that first server up-to-date easily without putting extra load on the second server (the content is daily and if the content is not for that day, the code will fetch the new content from server 2). The challenge, it seems, is to keep this entirely ASP-based and the fact that I have no networking access other than HTTP to server 2.

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    You can use ShotIp component: it allows to grab a binary file from other HTTP server. The file can be saved to disk or represented as binary safearray to use directly with the Response.BinaryWrite method:<BR><BR>

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