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    if a user has logged into my site and wants to add a product to their portfolio and i can get all the needed information except for username ?How do i get the user name ,i have it stored in a session variable down the end of the login page but dont know how to pull it back up to insert it into the db.<BR>Thanks<BR>Leigh

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    strUsername = session("username")

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    I&#039;m not sure I follow what you want? If you already have the user id stored in a session you just insert it. <BR><BR>sql="Insert Into Address_Xref(Xref_id, Address_Id, Xref_Type ) "<BR><BR>sql=sql & "Values("<BR>sql=sql & Session("Business_Id")<BR>sql=sql & "," & rs6("Addr")<BR>sql=sql & "," & "&#039;" & "Business" & "&#039;"<BR>sql=sql & ")"

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