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    Default IIS Security Settings?

    I&#039;m running an ASP site on the Company Lan on a Windows 2000 Machine. I&#039;m accessing a component which creates an Excel file and puts it on the web server, which I then link to on the html page. <BR>Question 1 ? First, if I try to delete the file from an asp script I get &#039;permission denied&#039;. How do I get around this? <BR><BR>Second? The page is only accessed via other computers on the network. When they click the link to goto the excel file, it asks them for the username and password for the machine the web server is located on (three times as a matter of fact.) I would like to eliminate this completely, but if I could get it down to once I could live with it <BR><BR>

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    Default NTFS permissions...

    ...<BR><BR>Problem #1. You are most likely attempting to delete a file using the IUSR_??? for anonymous internet access. This user probably doesn&#039;t have write access to that folder.<BR><BR>Problem #2. Probably similar to #1. Check the permissions on the folder the Excel file resides in.

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