Ok I can pass info using forms and ASP from page to page, fine.<BR>I can also do it without cookie support for ASP using hidden fields and document.write() <BR><BR>Now I want this same functionality with NO ASP support (lynux) so I read and read but really found no info on how JavaScript receives data from a form action?<BR><BR>All I found was<BR><BR>&#060;SERVER><BR>hold=request.name<BR>& #060;/SEVER><BR><BR>.name being the passed name/value <BR><BR>but &#060;SERVER> tags do nothing!<BR><BR><BR>In JavaScript how do you grab submitted form data without “NT-ASP-ChilliASP” <BR> just plain Unix/Linux ?<BR><BR>JUST JavaScript!!!! <BR><BR>Help!<BR><BR>