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    Is it possible for me to arrange the records which are in this format <BR><BR>ColA ColB<BR>A 1<BR>A 2<BR>A 3<BR><BR>to <BR><BR>A 1 2 3<BR><BR>?<BR><BR>If so, could you please give me a clue of doing that ??<BR><BR>Thank you and your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, you can try doing something like this:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT ColA, ColB FROM yourdb WHERE 1 = 2 (or whatever) GROUP BY ColA ORDER BY ColA<BR><BR>.. and then filtering out whatever data you do not need.. <BR><BR>Best of luck!<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Alex<BR>DomainsBot.Com

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