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    Elaine Guest

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    I was trying to use Session variables to create my shopping cart but this is now a very reliable method of doing it as the session expires and the page displays an error. Can anybody suggest any other way of creating a shopping cart??<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated<BR><BR>Thanks

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    BobR Guest

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    I&#039m not expert on shopping cart design, but most sites that I&#039ve visited with shopping carts seem to use sessions. If the user is inactive for 20 minutes, they assume that the session has been abandoned and the user is forced to start over. They do, however, detect that the user is trying to manipulate a cart without an active session and send an appropriate message. I have also seen cart items stored in cookies. I&#039m not sure which is the preferred method. Good luck.

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    I am trying to create a shopping cart using ASP. Have made a simple one using JavaScript but prefer the server side ASP model. If you have had any success in finding a source of good ASP shopping cart info (or better yet, a sample), could you please let me know...<BR>Thanks,<BR>Tim Silva<BR>

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    rinku Guest

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    Tim can you please let me know about how to design a shopping cart , whenever you get any information on it.Actually i had designed one using session variables,but it seems this is not a very effective method.Any help from your side would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>my mail id is

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