I am using VBscript to write a bit of client side code to ask a user if they want to change their password.<BR>The message box appears but the redirection does not work, it gets ignored. It works in IE but not netscape. Has anyone any ideas. I use the same redirection on its own further down the code and that works.<BR><BR>Response.write ("if (confirm(&#039;Your password will expire on " & PasswordExpiryDate & "
Do you want to change it now?&#039;)) ") & vbcrlf<BR>Response.Write ("self.location.href=&#039;ChangePassword.asp?PED= " & server.urlencode(PasswordExpiryDate) & "&PD=" & PasswordDays & "&Type=" & UserType & "&UserID=" & Request.Form("UserID") & "&#039;;") & vbcrlf