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    Default best develop program for ASP script

    What is the best develop program for ASP.

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    Except for visual interdev (I may be wrong here) there is no product that has the vb editor intellisense (ie shows properties, methods for objects etc). I don't use interdev and any time I have I've gotten confused with it's interface. So I've used Frontpage and most recently 1st page from eversoft(free) in combination with excel/access vba tool. The syntax for vbscript an vba and properties vailable are very close so you can get away with writing script in VBA (variable automatically capatilized intellisense) and then copy paste changing a few dims, createobject to server.createobject. This works pretty well I find and 1st page and front page are acceptable editors to work with.

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    jeps0 Guest

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    I guess it&#039;s a question about personal preference, but I recommend Microsoft Visual Interdev - especially if you have a ASP-server with Frontpage Extensions.<BR>The colorcoding is good, aswell as the built-in code library. If you, for an instance, write "Response." you get a list containing "Form", "QueryString" etc. Very sweet.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I like Textpad from Helios ( It is quick and easy to use, and can be set up to colour code ASP code or Html and a whole load of other types of coding. It has a whole load of features and **** has never crashed on my pc ****<BR><BR>It is also cheap (US$ 27.00 UKĀ£17.00)<BR><BR>You can download a shareware version from their site.

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    James W. Guest

    Default Depends on your experience

    If you are just starting, learn ASP with Notepad or Wordpad. It&#039;s tougher than using Visual Interdev that supplies properties but you&#039;ll really learn ASP inside and out.<BR>For someone who has experience, Interdev is nice for the color coding but stay away from the wizards.

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