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    I have a series of links, including the HTML tags, embedded in various records of a database table column. For example, the column for one record may contain the following:<BR>&#060;A HREF="../content/test/test.txt"&#062;test&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>Is there any way to extract the contents of the HREF attribute (in this example: ../content/test/test.txt) and list them, given that the contents of the string (and, therefore, the string&#039;s length) keep changing for each record?<BR><BR>Any help would be most appreciated!<BR><BR>Regards, Mitchell

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    Assuming that your data is reasonably consistent (there are " marks around the href, this would work.<BR><BR>Response.Write Mid(b,InStr(1,b,chr(34))+1,(InStr((InStr(1,b,chr(3 4)))+1,b,Chr(34))-InStr(1,b,chr(34)))-1)<BR>

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