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    Lyle Cooper Guest

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    Hi all you wise asp gurus!<BR>I have a question. I have searched the web diligently to find any help.<BR><BR>I have a MS Access db with a main table of Addresses and a phone number table with a 1 to many relationship, many numbers for one address. I have built the asp pages to list the addresses, then select an address and show all data for it, then link to phone numbers and list all numbers, then show a selected number with associated data, plus the edit page for the number. My question is this:<BR><BR>Is it possible to do a previous / next paging for my edit form so I can step through all the numbers for one address? All the paging help I can find anywhere is only for a list page where you pick 10 or 20 at a time. I want to step through the numbers one at a time, just like my Access form. I have tried to use many paging examples, but can&#039;t get it to work on the form page. <BR><BR>Thanks for any ideas<BR>Lyle

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    jeps0 Guest

    Default Not sure I get your points...

    ...but this might help:<BR>

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