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    Does anyone know approximately (number of visitors, other criteria, etc) when you should start using COM components over inline ASP?<BR>Microsoft recommend using VB/C++ COMponents due to their greater speed of execution, etc, but obviously there is a much greater development time, complexity, maintainability, etc compared with normal inline ASP (apart from when you have lots of business logic). Most eCommerce sites are not that complicated.<BR>Any ideas on when benefits of one would outweigh the benfits of the other?<BR>Or am I opening up a whole can of worms here????<BR><BR>Bob

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    Wiggle Wiggle, to be honest mate, if you are an experienced VB/C++ devloper then obviosuly the complexity is negated. It&#039;s better to use COM+, but the VBScripting engine is fast too! :) How many users are you planning on serving with your app?

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    Its purely a matter of business focus - there are a lot of advantages of COM over inline ASP, especially for constant Database access routines etc . If it takes a bit longer up front in development time, it will definitely improve your performance figures if/when your site grows in traffic<BR><BR>Read up as much as you can on the subject and then make the decision for yourself<BR>

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