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    Dirk Schiesser Guest

    Default query string without ?

    Hi everybody,<BR><BR>I have a simple asp script which generates certain output according to a passed parameter, i.e. the URL is something like:<BR><BR>.../mydirectory/myscript.asp?name=MYNAME<BR><BR>Now my question: Is it possible to get IIS to execute that asp by using a URL of the form:<BR><BR>.../mydirectory/myscript/MYNAME<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>--Dirk Schiesser

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    keithadler@hotmail.com Guest

    Default RE: query string without ?

    I&#039m a little confused by the wording of your question. I don&#039t know exactly what you&#039re asking for. Part of me things you are talking about executing a script using Remote Scripting ... part of me is not so sure. Please elaborate.

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    BobR Guest

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    I guess you could create a directory MYSCRIPT and put a default.asp in there with the script you want to execute. This seems a bit kludgy though.<BR><BR>--bob

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    Kautuk Surjan Guest

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    It seems you do not want to show the parameter passed in the url string, you can use the form post method to pass the parameter , the parameter wont be there in the url string.

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