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    IIS has completely screwed on me... I get the following error in the Event Log everytime I try and view a webpage:<BR><BR>The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI Application &#039;<BR>IISRTL!ALLOC_CACHE_HANDLER::Alloc(voi d) + 0x7<BR>ISATQ!_AtqAddAsyncHandle@24 + 0x1C<BR>ISATQ!CDirMonitor::Monitor(class CDirMonitorEntry *,char const *,int,unsigned long) + 0xA8<BR>asp + 0x879B<BR> + 0xD86A3FBE<BR>&#039;. <BR>For additional information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site located at: http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried going to the microsoft webpage as described, but it just provides the support webpage, which is crap.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried rebooting & reinstalling IIS, but no luck :(<BR><BR>It did this a few days ago, and I could only fix it by reformatting, and I really don&#039;t want have to do that again.<BR><BR>Any ideas what could be causing this??

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    do you have any extra ISAPI filters installed? what service pack level are you running?<BR><BR>j

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    No extras installed, and I wasn&#039;t running any service packs when it crashed...<BR><BR>since then i&#039;ve tried sp1 and sp2 upgrades, but that&#039;s made no difference :(

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