Hi there, <BR><BR>I need some inpspiration on a problem that i&#039;ve been having. Basically I have a database with a set of publishers, these publishers have subscribers (in another table) and these subscribers have groups (in another table), the subscribers have some default properties in their records (email type/os type etc) as these are common properties that will need to be set by the user or defaults assumed. What i need to do (and can&#039;t think of a way to do it) is to create an option for my Publishers to create their own variables that subscribers can choose from. <BR>For example a Publisher may send out an email to their subscribers with an HTML form in the email, this form may contain information like "do you like toast?" and a yes or no button (or even a text input). How can i possibly store this information for the Publisher and how can i then write code to let the Publisher use the results (for example, the publisher may get the results from the mini survey and realise that 90% of all users like toast, and then want to send a publication to those users), hopefully you get what i mean! I&#039;m tearing my hair out over this one! :P<BR><BR>If you can help then please email me on jonathant@psi-weavers.com or reply to this message. If you need any more info then adon&#039;t hesitate to ask! <BR><BR>Thanks to you in advance. <BR><BR>Toozious