I&#039m trying to leverage my VB6 knowledge to web enable some forms that were done in Access. I could use asp, but the coding chore would be enormous since there are about 50 forms that all have add, edit, delete, and seach capabiltiy . So here&#039s my dilemna:<BR><BR>How do you create an Active X document that will run on the web server, use the dsn on the web server and show up in the browser.<BR>Do I have to use an active x exe document or can I use an active x dll doc? The dll doc is easier to set up on my web server because it doesn&#039t have the overhead associated with the active x exe&#039s racreg32.dll and racmgr32.exe. Also, what type of html code do I have to write. Do I have to use the object tags that use the class id? As you can see, I am extremely confused. Can anyone shed some light on this?