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    I just want to ask wheather one ASP can use both the POST and GET method at different time?<BR><BR>I have one motherboard.asp which is submitted to purchase.asp by GET method.<BR><BR>The purchase.asp will be submitted to the purchase.asp(Itself) by the POST method. my problem is that after collecting the values with the Request.Form method in the purchase.asp...The values are coming blank(No Values).<BR><BR>So, just want to clarify ..I can use both the methods or not?<BR><BR>Please help....Deepak

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    you can use both. try using sessions and stuff to <BR><BR>ie set Var=session("mypaymenet") and then you can access it with out having to post around and stuff...this all depends on how good your server is to how many of these you use! :P

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