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    Suppose i want note logout time & store in database,<BR>I can use update column on session_onend But if user<BR>close browser or any power failure,Then what i do for <BR>updating database.<BR>

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    Default Doesnt the session also end when the user closes

    the browser ?? The main problem that you might face may not be this but...<BR><BR>what if the user leaves your site and goes to some other site, how do you capture the time then ? The user hasn&#039;t closed the browser so his session is still on, and since he has gone to some other site, there is no way you can "Log-him-out".

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    Default RE: Doesnt the session also end when the user clos

    You can always set the session time to expire in 10 or 20 minutes. But that depends on how much time you think the user should be able to be inactive for your website.

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