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    prakash Guest

    Default Progressbar.gif

    where can I find progressbar in gif format...<BR><BR>cos the situation is like on a search site..when the data is being searched I want to show the user that something is happening at the background.....I need to have a progress bar so that the images keep moving..

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    prakash Guest

    Default where can I get good Progressbar.gif

    please help me out...

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    Default RE: where can I get good Progressbar.gif

    You want an animated gif?<BR><BR>If so, just do it in anything - fireworks or flash or something.<BR><BR>If you want something more complex then you&#039;re talking big DHTML bucks :)<BR><BR>Craig.<BR><BR>p.s. If we&#039;re going to help with that, go to the HTML forum and give more details.

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    Default Go to

    plenty of scripts there.

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    prakash Guest

    Default All I need is only the image

    Hi<BR><BR>Well all I need is either a search or progress bar in gof format

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