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    Hackster Guest

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    ive developed a trial application using asp mail componants.<BR>wot till rite now ive done is that im providing the form to the users thruogh which they can send messages and cards to e-mail ids in the form of e-mail.<BR>the next step that ive taken is ive provided the users with a form in which they can fill the time, message, card, and e-mail id and all this information is stored in the MSSQL database.<BR>the question now arises that how automatically the time is compared with the system date and then the connection is opened with the database and if the time feild matches with the system date.<BR>i want this to happen 24hrs or at least after every half an hr.<BR>waiting for response.<BR>hackster<BR>[]<BR>

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    Ben Timby Guest

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    I have implemented the same thing for an email marketing site. We used a .vbs file that was invoked every half hour by NT task scheduler. The .vbs file connected to SQL server, and ran a stored procedure that retrieves all jobs from the DB that are scheduled for delivery during the current 15 minute timeslice. I will include the stored procedure&#039;s query below:<BR><BR>SELECT pkJobID, (SELECT fkMemberID FROM tblEmails WHERE pkEmailID = fkEmailID) AS fkMemberID, fkEmailID, fkListIDs, Recipient, Sender, SchedTime, DeliveredTime<BR> FROM tblJobs <BR> WHERE DeliveredTime = NULL<BR> AND <BR> ((DATEPART(Yy, SchedTime) = DATEPART(Yy, @Date) <BR> AND DATEPART(Dd, SchedTime) = DATEPART(Dd, @Date) <BR> AND DATEPART(Mi, SchedTime) / 15 = DATEPART(Mi, @Date) / 15)<BR> OR<BR> (SchedTime &#060; @Date))<BR><BR>

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