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    &nbsp;<BR>I am currently on an application which uses VB ActiveX DLL for business logic, and ASP for putting the data on to th webpage. the DLL actually persists( saves the recordset as XML file ) the recordset it retreives, and returns the file name as the return string. then the ASP re-builds the recordset from the given file name. then it plots all the data to the page.<BR><BR> This logic works perfectly fine with PWS in a NT WorkStation. But when it is put in the NT server with IIS it gives the error "Invalid connection object" while opening the recordset with the open statement.<BR><BR> For the benefit of those who does not know how to persist recordsets<BR><BR>Code to persist a recordset<BR><BR> RecordSet.Save [Filename]<BR><BR>Code or opening a recordset which was persisted<BR><BR> RecordSet.Open [Filename]<BR><BR> Persistance is a boon as the recordset data need not be transferred ( Not as a whole) no marshalling be done if persisted and filename is returned. This seems to be a bit faster than passing RecordSet as an argument. This also helps scalability

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    Remember the logical process is:<BR><BR>1. Open recordset from server (or pass a reference in from a COM object)<BR>2. Set cursor to the client<BR>3. Save the recordset locally<BR>4. Set the connection and recordset = to nothing<BR>5. Close the connection<BR>6. Use the open method on the recordset referencing the local file that you saved to.<BR><BR>You&#039re now working local.<BR><BR>To sync with the server:<BR><BR>1. Change the recordset&#039s connection to a real connnection.<BR>2. Do an updatebatch on the recordset object<BR><BR>If I had the same problem as you I would look at 1 and 2 above under the "To sync with the server header".

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