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    I recently installed MySQL on a server at my home. Does the performance of MySQL compare to the performance of SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Would I be better off using MySQL over Access or SQL Server? Give me all your opinions. I do not want to develop a full site in MySQL only to find problems and have to convert it to Access or SQL Server. Thanks for your input guys/gals..<BR><BR>Shawn

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    I use MSSQL and MySql exclusively.<BR><BR>The latter is fastest. MySQL is in actually faster than any DB out there.<BR><BR>Use it with phpmyadmin if your running php. <BR>I wish msSql was as easy to web admin.<BR><BR>Why not use MySQL for everything?<BR>It doesn&#039;t support nested selects or stored procedures.<BR>a big pain if you need them.<BR>Although, if your clever, you can find ways to work a little differnently.<BR><BR>Access? Take it and throw it out the window. Never mention it again.<BR><BR>Another alernative is Postgre<BR>its like mysql but with storedprocedurs and subselects.<BR>the have a phpmyadmin for it also.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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