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    Ok here it is. I made a sub (not function) that takes four varibles one of which is a recordset.<BR><BR>dosomething(varible1, varible2, Recordset, varible3)<BR><BR>sub dosomething(varible1, varible3, recordset, varible3)<BR> blah <BR> blah<BR>end sub<BR><BR>any way it says I can&#039;t use parathesis with a sub? I have done it before what am I missing? <BR>Sorry for being short I have to go. thanks for any help<BR>

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    Either use:<BR><BR>call dosomething(varible1, varible2, Recordset, varible3) <BR><BR>or<BR><BR>dosomething varible1, varible2, Recordset, varible3

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