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    Hi, <BR>I am using an Oracle database. I am having a problem with this select statement. <BR>SELECTSQL="SELECT * FROM Doc_Base WHERE to_date(DocStartDate, &#039;MM/DD/YYYY&#039;) &#060;= to_date("& ourdate &",&#039;MM/DD/YYYY&#039;) " <BR>where the value of DocStartDate in the database is 08/01/2000 0:00 and the value of ourdate is 05/21/2001, but my query does not return any records. <BR><BR>Please help. Very urgent. Thanks in advance. <BR>

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    I know that MS Access needs the #00/00/00# format in the SQL string to compare dates. Maybe this would work for oracle??? Take out the ToDate() functions and try the ## format. If this doesn&#039;t work, then you&#039;ll have to wade through the Oracle help files to find out the magic date flags.<BR><BR>MarkB

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