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    Default SQL join issue

    OK, here&#039;s my SQL code...<BR><BR>-----<BR>SELECT * FROM DB.MD_USER, DB.MD_USER_INFO WHERE USER_ID = &#039;" + userID + "&#039; AND MD_USER_INFO.USER_ID = MD_USER.USER_ID<BR>-----<BR><BR>If I run this code native in Oracle, it works fine. But through my ASP page I get an ODBC "invalid column name" error.<BR><BR>Any ideas??

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    Default Probably keyword issue...

    Many DBs, when you use their query analyzer, are smart enough to see where you use keywords for field names and handle the problem. (Even Access, for example.)<BR><BR>Try putting all your field names in [...] and see what happens.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s not that, could it be the &#039;? I don&#039;t see what the is there for. Or are you writing in JS code???<BR><BR>

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    Default dopey me

    yes, the &#039; is bc I&#039;m writing in JS.<BR><BR>But the issue was that I fixed the SQL in my analyzer but never pasted it back into my ASP page!!!!!<BR><BR>Must take a break, obviously... [grin]

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