I have a couple of apps (ADO/Oracle) running the graphs and all is great. Thanks, great examples...<BR>Now I need to graph some data that has been calculated via an<BR>asp report. The data is loaded cell by cell (array) into and html table and displayed. I need to retain the values and graph it. I am using the LoadFromLiteral.html example from the MS OWC book without much luck.<BR>Has anyone ever graphed a lot of data via arrays ?<BR>all my data ( Series, Categories along with the collection )<BR>is in arrays. I can&#039;t seem to get the collection to match up to<BR>the other values to graph...<BR>Any ideas, examples that are better than the in the book example.<BR>Jay Swan<BR>Bayer Pharmecuticals<BR>Jay.Swan.b@bayer.com