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    Default Problems with my App?

    OK, I am having problems running one of my ASP applications, maybe someone could help....When I run any other ASP page on my server, it seems to work fine, then when I go to run this application it just seems to hang up on the server, then after this, all my other ASP pages wont work. Its weird, I get no script.timeout error or any errors for that matter, it just "hangs up" when I submit the for to start the application, then it kills the rest of my ASP pages. I am not using any custom objects or anything??? Its weird cause we put the files on a different server and they work fine. We did install a new MDAC file on the server...Could that have anything to do with it?<BR><BR>Any input you can give is greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks

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    Default A little more to go on?

    Can you post the code on the page maybe?

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    Default I can't

    Sorry but the code is too long over the course of 4 pages...I really dont think its the code, cause it was running OK before plus it runs OK on a different machine. Could it be the MDAC issues? I have the connection going through global.asa, coud this be it? To many sessions? Wouldnt I be getting some type of script error if it was the code. There are no custom DLL or components being initated....Please help??

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