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    Default IIS date settings?

    I&#039;m using a lot of date functions for my ASP stuff, and I can&#039;t find anywhere to change it so that the date appears in UK format (dd/mm/yy)... My regional settings are all set to UK on my PC, but IIS isn&#039;t taking any note of them.. Any ideas???<BR><BR>

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    Default Not IIS settings BUT

    setting on the server running IIS.<BR><BR><BR><BR>you have to change the date setting on the server as in the machine running IIS.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: IIS date settings?

    I think the NT server settings overides IIS. Just guessing, but not sure.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Srinivas

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    Default RE: Not IIS settings BUT

    Yeh i know.. I&#039;m running IIS locally at the moment as my test bed (win2k), but it still doesn&#039;t change the date to the correct format (despite it being set up in regional settings)...<BR><BR>the one way I&#039;ve worked around this is using:<BR><BR>Session.LCID = 3081<BR><BR>this sets the session to UK dates.<BR>

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