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    I did a serach here on this topic and read the 8 responses here.<BR>I just developded the same problem and will attempt to be much more specific with my details.<BR><BR>My Proivders server is an NT.<BR>I run 5 .mdb databases, 4 of which have 2 tables each.<BR>One of the problem pages is here<BR>http://vales.com/4x4/maintrucks.asp<BR>This page and the rest have been operating perfectly for months as is until last weekend.<BR><BR>It is not my code or the databases themselves.<BR>I copied them to another server and they work.<BR>http://sportplanet.com/4x4/maintrucks.asp<BR><BR>It is not how the server handles .asp or databases per say either.<BR>I can open them, get a count of records, update them, etc. from different pages.<BR><BR>It seems to be the size of the .asp web pages that sort and display the data themselves.<BR>As if there is not enough memory to process the VBscript and then send out the HTML, even if I remove all the records but 10 and cut out half of the fields.<BR><BR>I could be wrong, but I only have this problem on the 5 complex pages with hundreds of lines of VBscript, and all the rest, even the ones that open and use the same databases, all function normally.<BR><BR>Is there some kind of limiting variable that may have been added to the IIS server itself?<BR><BR>Any direction to look would be help.<BR><BR>KC Vale<BR><BR>

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    Problem solved.<BR><BR>It turns out I did have one of my most used pages not doing a proper forced close of an ADOB connection and then response.redirecting the page.<BR>The server is also also win2K not NT, which does a much better job of self cleaning.<BR><BR>A reboot of the server (nice to have a cooperative provider) and everything is once again fast and perfect.<BR><BR>With any luck, my experience will help others that come along with the same problem.<BR><BR>KC<BR>

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