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    I am currently running my ASP site pulling static information off an Access DB. I want to institute a function wherein the users will adjust some information in the DB (rather constantly). I frequently need to update other information in the same DB as well. The conflict comes when I want to update the DB... it will lose user input between the time I take a copy of the DB from the site and the time I repost with my changes. <BR><BR>I would think the solution would be to have two DBs on the site (one I change and one the users do) and reference them both from the same ASP page. Is this possible?<BR><BR>Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>- Botch

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    I may not quite be getting the question, but as I&#039;m reading it you want to know if there is a way for you and other users to update the same database. You then ask if you can access 2 databases from a single asp page. The answer to both questions is yes!<BR><BR>1) Why don&#039;t you just set up ASP pages to allow you and the users to update the information? This way you don&#039;t have to download or upload the database at all.<BR><BR>2) You can easily access two databases from the same page by opening two separate connections, one to each database.

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    KC Vale Guest

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    Having the user (if it is required input on their part) or just a transparent call for fixed info you want is the best way.<BR><BR>2 Examples:<BR><BR>The Download Count.<BR>When the user clicks a file to download, it goes to an .asp page with no HTML at all.<BR>It simply gathers the variables, updates the database, then response.rediret them to the filename, which just open the browsers "download file" box.<BR><BR>User File.<BR>I have an optional cookie based login.<BR>If the cookie is found, it display it&#039;s it&#039;s info and gives an option to modify it.<BR>No cookie, and the option is create a record.<BR><BR>Either way, clicking the link takes you to an .asp page with no HTML that does the requested job, then sends them back to the page.<BR><BR>If you need a short term fix for simply having to download a database, work on it, then upload it back.<BR>I find that deleting the database from the server when I download it to work on, and have a custom .asp error page (or check to see if the file exists before making the connection) and giving a message like "Database locked for service, try again in X Min"<BR><BR>KC

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