passing an id to allow cross domain access

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Thread: passing an id to allow cross domain access

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    Patti Guest

    Default passing an id to allow cross domain access

    I have written an ASP page that accesses information residing on our dept. server which is on it's own domain. Short of trusting the entire company and it's many domains (26,000 employees) is there a way that I can pass a guest ID from our server each time someone accesses our page so that they can look at the data?

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    Default do huh?

    so, you are wanting to give everyone access to your data? from which domain? intranet?<BR><BR>how many people are you wanting to give access? on the internet or intra?<BR><BR>man, something isn&#039;t making sense to me. (anyone else?)<BR><BR>please elaborate.<BR><BR>

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    Default If it's data you are after...

    ...You may want to look at this as a starter point:<BR><BR><BR><BR>You could log in to your intranet servers in the background without the user knowing where the data came from.

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    Patti Guest

    Default I was wondering when you would get to me...

    I was just trying to express how big the company was and that that meant many domains may need access. NOT everyone needs to look, but this is information accessible via the INTRANET for our employees. But since it is on our DOMAIN which is only trusted to about 4 different domains, those with other domains that need access can only get so far. They can find the policy but when they click on the link which comes back to one of our servers it can tell that they don&#039;t have permission and it won&#039;t let them view the documents.<BR><BR>I want to pass an id that comes from our NT server each time someone opens the page, which would override their local information that is causing them to fail. Can this be done?

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    Default OHHHH

    Ummm, short of having them dial in, <BR>I don&#039;t know how.<BR><BR>but, if you were to throw that info up (outside), and allow <BR>all internal domain users all access, and only a # of people dependent on ips, that would be a way to go (and a huge security breach, i&#039;m assuming?)<BR><BR>Maybe just add certain ips to the list of access?<BR><BR>I&#039;m keep thinkin&#039;<BR><BR>

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    patti Guest

    Default RE: OHHHH

    Egghead gave me access to code through egghead. I&#039;ve programmed it in and now have asked someone from outside our domain to try and access. I&#039;ll let you know if it works.

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    Patti Guest

    Default This looks like it has possibilities

    I have programmed it in and have someone testing it. I&#039;ll let you know.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Patti Guest

    Default still says page cannot be displayed. am I SOL?

    I changed the server to our webserver with the appropriate ASP page. The screen doesn&#039;t error until you click on the link, just as before.<BR><BR>I&#039;m using Visual Interdev 7.0 with ADO on ASP. Do you think XML is acknowleged in this.

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    Patti Guest

    Default No Luck

    I think the problem is that these users can access the table that contains the path, but can&#039;t access the actual document. I want to override their LocaliD with another ID and I&#039;m not sure how to do that.

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    Patti Guest

    Default I went to the IIS Server

    and I see that I am set to allow anonymous but I also have NT verification. I unchecked this and am waiting to hear from a customer in another dept.

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