Hi all,<BR><BR>I am new to the DTS game - or at least to trying to do anything other than transfer rows between databases with identical structures.<BR><BR>I now need to create a far more complex DTS package to transfer data between an SQL Server database (I am using SQL Server 7.0) and an Oracle database. I have no trouble in making the connections and performing simple DTS&#039;s beween the two. <BR><BR>However, my current task is more complicated.<BR><BR>Problem 1:<BR>In one database I would store fifty values as 5 five records each containing 10 values (i.e. has ten fields). However, in the other database these fifty values would all be stored as one record (i.e. one row with 50 fields). How could I go about creating a DTS to transfer this information?<BR><BR>Problem 2:<BR>These values should only be transfered if certain conditions are met in an another unrelated table. For example, a flag in another table indicating that transfer of the said values should occur.<BR><BR>Any help with either of these problems would be much appraciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Ross