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    Can anyone give me tips on how to resolve the following prob:<BR><BR>I am accepting file uploads to a db which is searchable by the public. However, I would like for John Doe&#039;s uploaded information to NOT be searchable until AFTER his check is cleared. Do I route his info to a temporary table which is not included in my already written SQL queries? Or... can I send his info to the searchable table but just "tag" it somehow so that it won&#039;t show up in a search?? suggestions most appreciated. -rd

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    Add a field to your DB that is titled "check_Cleared" or something similar and use some form validation to only diplay records where the "checks_cleared" field is set to true. THis might take a little administration on your part, but should be pretty simple to implement. Or you could set something up in a session variable where there login table has something similar in it for a field.

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    Thanks Rockn, I&#039;ll give it a try.<BR>f

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