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    Got 2 forms on one ASP page. Can I push them through to another page by one OnClick function on a stand-alone Button?
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    WARNING: Haven&#039;t tested this so may be talking through my poo-hole.<BR><BR>Off the top of my head you could include a hidden field for each item in the first form in the second form and vice versa.The OnSubmit event of form two could call a function which could write the values of all the form1 elements into their respective hidden counterparts in form two and then it would submit the form.This function would do the same if form 1 was submitted.<BR><BR>I used a variation of this where I had three buttons and one hidden field, on clicking the button the hidden field would be given the value of the button and the form was submitted. The value was passed in to a SQL query to sort the records as the user required.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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