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    I am displaying text from an access database and I am using the following way to display it -<BR><BR>response.write("&#060;textarea&#062;"&rs(" sddescript")&"&#060;/textarea&#062;")<BR><BR>but it ony displays the first word and not the whole sentence.<BR>so I tried extra "" e.g.<BR><BR>response.write("&#060;textarea&#062;"" "&rs("sddescript")&"""&#060;/textarea&#062;")<BR><BR>but this displays the whole sentance with quotes around it.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Gary

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    Create a variable and set that variable = the database value, i.e. strDescription = rs("sddescript")<BR>Then use the variable to set the value of your textarea<BR><BR>This WILL resolve your problem

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