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    Hi, <BR>I want to execute a sql SELECT query from two tables(join) residing in two different machines(MS-SQL servers). I tried in the following way.<BR>SELECT ONE.companyname, <BR>TWO.profession<BR>from SERVER1.DBNAME.USERNAME1.TABLENAME ONE, <BR>SERVER2.DBNAME.USERNAME2.TABLENAME TWO<BR>where ONE.customerid=73146<BR>But when I executes this query from SERVER2 ...FOLLWING error is displayed "Server &#039;SERVER1&#039; is not configured for DATA ACCESS."<BR>How to solve this problem ?

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    Hi!<BR>Make Sure that a login with the same name through which u r logged into Server 2 exsists on Server 1.<BR>Suppose! if u r using login &#039;xyz&#039; to logged into server 2 then server 1 should be having a user &#039;xyz&#039; with the permission to query that table.<BR>I hope it will work.<BR>

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