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    iam using textarea to enter large data ,,iam sending data to MsAccess database with datatype-Memo,,the example of data is <BR>Day:some thing <BR>name:somet thing<BR>Description:somethingsomethingsomethingso mething<BR>gsomethingsomethingsomethingsomethingso mething<BR><BR>si i need to display the above data as it is in asp page ,,i have proble to display this ,,it is coming like this way <BR><BR>Day:some thingName:some thingDescription:something and so on <BR><BR>i have used two three function to prevent this ,,but i could not <BR><BR>so please reply me <BR>thanks <BR>sreedhar<BR>malaysia

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    &nbsp;<BR>when you display it, use<BR>&#060;%Response.write replace(rs.fields("description"),chr(13),"<BR>")%& #062;<BR><BR>Hope this will solve your problem.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Pradnya<BR>

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